Coordination Structures

The National AIDS Commission provides leadership and coordinates the multi-sectoral implementation of the National HIV and AIDS policy and strategic plans including the Malawi National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan, 2015-2020 and the Malawi National HIV Prevention Strategy, 2015-2020. NAC also supports development and implementation of thematic guidelines on HIV prevention, impact mitigation and treatment, care and support. In addition, NAC supports capacity development initiatives at national, district and community levels for effective implementation of policies and strategies.

In order to be more inclusive in dealing with so many partners involved in HIV and AIDS work, the Malawi Partnership Forum (MPF) was established in October 2005 as a formal and multi-sectoral forum for discussion, information sharing, consensus building, joint planning, and mutual support for all stakeholders involved in the response

Public Sector Response

The Department of Human Resources Management and Development (DHRMD) in the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC), coordinates the HIV and AIDS response in the public sector i.e. ministries, departments, training institutions and parastatal organisations. It main role is to facilitate and ensure that government agencies have HIV and AIDS workplace programmes. To ensure smooth implementation of workplace interventions, there is a Public Sector Steering Committee comprising principal secretaries and chief executives which provides policy leadership and guidance on the public sector response.

District Response

Local Authorities coordinate the implementation of the response at district, city level and community levels. They have the responsibility to mobilize resources for community programmes, implemented through CBOs, Support Groups, and Community AIDS Committees (CACs). District development committees (DDCs) and Area Development Committees (ADCs) complement the work of local NGOs.

Private Sector Response

The Malawi Business Coalition against AIDS (MBCA) coordinates the response for private sector companies and business institutions. Its major roles are mobilisation of companies, development of workplace programmes, reporting and evaluation of the private sector response to HIV and AIDS.

People Living with HIV (PLHIV)

The Malawi Network of People Living with HIV (MANET +) coordinates all organisations for people living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV). These member organisations serve and advocate for issues affecting PLHIV in order to improve their welfare so that they can meaningfully contribute to the national development agenda.

Civil Society Response

The Malawi Network of AIDS service organisations (MANASO) coordinates local and international NGOs that implement various HIV and AIDS activities in the country.

Faith-based Response

The Malawi Interfaith AIDS Association (MIAA) coordinates all faith based organisations implementing HIV and AIDS interventions.

Youth Response

The National Youth Council of Malawi (NYCOM) coordinates all youth organisations implementing HIV and AIDS interventions. NYCOM works with district youth offices to ensure that the response to HIV and AIDS is spread across the country.